VIP Service Contract



    We hereby confirm your instruction to provide VIP tenant service.

    You have instructed us to search accommodation for you and/or to act as an intermediary in the formation of a lease for the residential space of your choice.

    We will perform the following activities for you :
    * to set up a personal search profile including your background information and your housing requirements;
    * to search for suitable residential space based on your housing requirements;
    * to organize one or more viewings for you;
    * to provide you with consulting services and make arrangements on your behalf with regard to rental and residential matters;
    * to recommend you as a tenant to potential landlord(s) so as to ensure that he will grant you the relevant property;
    * to negotiate on your behalf with potential landlord(s) about the contents of the lease;
    * to check through the tenancy agreement and ensure the signing of the lease by both parties.

    Upon entering into the service contract, an advance payment of €500 is required. This amount includes a registration fee of €60 to set up your personal profile. Once we receive the advance payment, we will commence our work. If we are unable to suggest any properties to you that meet your registered housing requirements before the contract expires, the advance payment will be refunded deducted by the registration fee. In the event of successfully reaching an agreement on a lease with a landlord, we will charge a brokerage fee for our services. This fee is equal to one month's gross rent, as stipulated in the lease agreement, plus 21% VAT. It must be paid within 7 days of the invoice date and will be offset against the initial advance payment. Please note that the registration fee is non-refundable under any circumstances.

    We base our search activities solely on the housing requirements that you register in the Tenant Registration Form and/ or Student Housing Registration Form. If we suggest properties to you, or provide you with tactical consulting services, but you decide to rent another accommodation independently, rather than through our services, a fee of €350 (excluding 21% VAT) will be charged to compensate for the time and effort expended by our agent. It is your sole responsibility to furnish us with accurate and truthful information and documents throughout the entire process. When there are any disruptions or damages to any party arising from inaccurate information or non-collaborative behavior on your part, we reserve the right to terminate the ongoing activities, deduct the derived costs and close the assignment.

    In the performance of all our activities we will exclusively look into your interests, and not those of the (potential) landlord. His interests will be dealt with by himself or another estate agent.

    If you are interested in a property at other estate agents or third parties, whose service will result in additional costs, you will need to fulfill this payment(s) to the third party directly. You are accountable for adhering to the regulations set by third parties. Any disruption to the operational procedures of third parties that leads to additional expenses will be your responsibility, and you will be liable for covering those costs. If we need to perform additional tasks beyond those listed above for you, please communicate with us beforehand and an additional charge of €75 per hour (excluding VAT) will apply.

    This service contract is valid for 6 calender months, counting from the day of you signing, unless you find a property successfully before that. In that case, we will also close the agreement and end the search process.

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