Tenant Fundamentals Course

This course contains:

  • Rental contracts      
  • Housing rights and obligations
  • Rent and additional costs
  • Measurement of tenant eligibility
  • Rules of security deposit
  • Rent protection under dutch law
  • Housing allowance application
  • Ownership of maintenance cost
  • Address registration
  • Termination of rental contracts

After this course you will be able to:

  • Distinguish different types of rental contracts
  • Know what rights and obligations you have as a tenant
  • Tell what other costs you might pay next to the rent
  • Judge what property you are or are not eligible to rent
  • Understand do’s and don’ts when paying a security deposite
  • Measure the maximum rent price of a property
  • Learn how and when you can apply for a housing allowance
  • Know whether you or landlord should pay for a defect
  • Judge when and how a rental contract can be terminated

€ 49.95

for 12 months course access

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