Residence Consulting Service Contract

    Terms and Conditions for Residence Consulting Service
    We are pleased to provide you with the details of our Residence Consulting Service. These terms and conditions outline the scope of the service and its associated terms.

    Scope of Services:
    The Residence Consulting Service includes the following areas, but is not limited to:

    - Airport transfers
    - BSN application
    - Address registration at town hall
    - DigiD registration
    - Residence permit/Visa
    - Bank account setup
    - Health insurance and other insurances

    - Local regulations and social norms
    - Public transportation (OV chipcard)
    - Energy services
    - Internet setup
    - Mobile SIM card acquisition
    - Translation of Dutch letters and documents
    - Scheduling appointments with local institutions or third parties

    Service Duration and Cost:
    This service contract will be automatically extended on a monthly basis until it is terminated. The contract can be terminated at any moment. The monthly cost of the service contract is €125,-. Payment of the service cost is required upon entering the contract. This first payment includes a non-refundable registration fee of €60,- for the setup of your personal profile. After payment is received, our services will commence. If none of the above-stated services is provided, the portion of the payment beyond the registration fee will be refunded.

    Consultant Availability and Services:
    Our consultant will be available during regular workdays, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM CET, except for unexpected emergencies. The consultant will provide information, guidance, and remote arrangements. No obligation exists for the consultant to be physically present.

    Limitation of Liability:
    The consultant is not responsible for costs derived from services provided by third parties. Our services primarily involve remote information and advisory support. An extra fee of 5% of the total price of purchased goods will apply if our consultant needs to make procurements on your behalf.

    Client-Centric Approach:
    Our commitment is exclusively directed towards your best interests throughout our engagement.

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