Property Purchasing Service Contract



    We hereby confirm your instruction to provide Property Purchasing Service.

    You have instructed us to search accommodation and/or to act as an intermediary in the formation of a purchase for the residential space of your choice.

    We will perform the following activities for you:
    Stage 1:
    • providing general information about the options to purchase a house, the local housing market, and housing regulations;
    • to identify and list your housing requirements;
    • to compose a full dossier and set up a personal search profile for you;
    • to evaluate your financial capacity and advice you on searching orientation;
    • to assign a purchasing agent to you.

    Stage 2:
    • to search for suitable properties based on your housing requirements/search profile;
    • to organise one or more viewings for you and provide information on one or more houses;
    • to evaluate viewings with you.
    • to recommend as a candidate to potential seller(s) and to make efforts to ensure that he will grant you the relevant house;
    • to advise you on the viewing tips and bidding strategy;
    • to carry out property analysis;
    • to suggest you bidding prices and carry out bids on your behalf;

    Stage 3:
    • To negotiate on your behalf with potential seller(s) about the contents of the purchase agreement;
    • To review the purchase agreement and provide legal consulting services;
    • To provide information on and an explanation of the purchase agreement;
    • To assess the feasible financing options and hand in applications of mortgage accordingly;
    • To conduct a property appraisal and output a comprehensive valuation report;
    • To involve a construction inspector for a structural inspection including a property inspection report if necessary;
    • To contact a notary office for property ownership transfer (cost of notary not included);
    • To monitor that the seller performs his obligations on time;
    • to providing support on connections with third parties and extra needed services;
    • Acting as first point of assistance for you during the purchase.

    Once the transaction is finalized, with both parties signing the delivery deed at the notary office and the property successfully transferred, our involvement in the purchasing process will conclude. The total brokerage fee for our services provided in stages 1, 2, and 3 amounts to €3,500 (including 21% VAT), subject to no repeatable activities. Payment of the fee is structured as follows: 10% upon commencement, 40% after signing the purchase agreement, and the remaining 50% upon completion of the purchasing process.

    Upon subscribing to our service, a one-time registration fee of €350 (including 21% VAT) will be applied. Once the registration fee is received, we will initiate our services in stage 1. This fee is non-refundable and is associated with your profile, regardless of the number of properties we assist you with.

    Upon reaching an agreement to purchase a property and signing the purchase agreement with the selling party, a fee of €1,400 (including 21% VAT) will be due within 3 days after signing the agreement. This fee covers our activities up to that point.

    Following successful delivery of the property and signing of the delivery deed by both parties at the notary office, the remaining amount of €1,750 (including 21% VAT) will be charged. This concludes our services. If, after providing you with services in stage 2, you decide to withdraw the assignment or fail to cooperate with our work, we reserve the right to terminate the ongoing activities and close the assignment. In such instances, a fee of €695 (including 21% VAT) will be charged to cover the time and effort expended by our agent and you will be responsible for any costs incurred from third parties, if applicable. Additionally, you are required to furnish us with accurate and truthful information throughout the entire process. Any disruptions or damages to any party arising from inaccurate information provided by you will be your sole responsibility.

    We will assist you in coordinating with third parties for any additional services required and serve as the primary point of contact for you. However, the service cost of a third party, other than those mentioned above, is not included in our pricing. You will be required to make payment(s) directly to the third parties. It is your responsibility to comply with the regulations set by third parties. Any disruption to the operational procedures of third parties resulting in additional expenses will be your responsibility, and you will be liable for covering those costs.

    We will never act as representatives for both the seller and you in the negotiation of a property purchase agreement. Throughout all our services, we will solely prioritize your interests, without consideration for the (potential) seller. Their interests will be managed either by themselves or their real estate agent.

    This service contract specifically applies to residential property purchases. The service fee for investment property purchases may vary depending on the complexity of the situation. In such cases, we will provide a new offer with adjusted prices and terms.

    The service contract remains valid for a period of 2 calendar years from the date of your signing, unless you successfully purchase a property before then. In such an event, we will terminate the agreement and conclude the purchasing process accordingly.

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